Laser & Sheet Metal Capabilities


Here at Danrich Welding we pride ourselves in our Commitment to Fabricating Quality work while maintaining Efficiency as well as Customer Satisfaction

3000 Watts, 95 Tons – Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication – Leading Industry Standards 

Danrich Welding Co., Inc. houses one 3000 watt Trumpf Laser Machine. It is capable of cutting through materials as thin as 0.010″ thick in Carbon Steel and Stainless steel and 0.020″ thick in Aluminums to an incredible thickness of 0.75″ thick in Carbon Steel, 0.50″ thick in Stainless Steel, and 0.25″ thick in Aluminums! All within 0.005″ Tolerance with an amazing Edge Quality!

Our Laser Machine pared with a 95 Ton CNC Operated Trumpf Press Brake and our dedicated Seasoned Employees offers our customers the leading edge in their manufacturing needs. We specialize in several bending and forming techniques from Air Bending to Coining and Off-Sets to Bump Bending.